Navon International is an expert in providing Finance Professionals. We do this on the basis of recruitment & selection, secondment and secondment.

Because of our knowledge that we have gathered in recent years, Navon has chosen to create sub-fields within the Trust. For example, we focus on both the largest trust offices in the world and the smaller ones. All affiliated with the Holland Quaestor. Here too we will distinguish ourselves per professional.

  • Corporate Accounting
  • Fund Accounting || private equity
  • Real Estate
  • Capital Markets
  • Legal
  • Compliance

We at Navon think it is important to map this out well so that we can achieve the best result.

Our expertise

Positions in which we are professionals in terms of mediation
(junior to senior):

  • Managing Director
  • Director
  • Head of (Legal || Accounting || etc
  • Financial Account Manager
  • Fund Accounting Officer
  • Compliance Officer
  • Company Lawyer
“The ability to establish, grow, extend, and restore trust is the key professional and personal competency of our time.”
Stephen M.R. Covey

Why work with Navon

We at Navon do not believe in resumes or job postings. We believe in the vision and mission of a company and of a person. This is what sets Navon apart from most recruitment agencies.

Everyone has heard of what happened during the Panama Papers period. It has caused many people to have their doubts about the Trust and the work being done there. Many trust offices have suffered as a result. The smaller ones in particular have had a hard time and most have had to close their doors. At the medium to large Trust Offices you saw that many mergers and acquisitions took place to keep the company alive. And still there is a misconception about the Trust.

Many people think that the Trust will not last and that it has at most 10 years before it is completely dissolved. What many people just don’t know is what Trust offices actually do today.

This is exactly what Navon specializes in. Together with you, we look at how we can raise the reputation of the Trust sector again. We pass the message on to potential candidates who are suitable for within the Trust by explaining what the Trust sector looks like today. What the possibilities are for them and in which they can develop themselves. A vacancy alone is not enough to get that message across.
We look to the future together with you. And for Navon it is very simple. Employees are the company. There is no healthy company without the right employees. You not only need intelligence but also the right personality for the job. Let’s create a win-win situation where everyone is happy and can get the best out of themselves.

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