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At Navon International, we adopt a unique approach by not publicly listing the vacancies available at our client organizations on our website. We have several reasons for this decision. Firstly, we prioritize maintaining strict confidentiality regarding the specific nature of certain vacancies. Secondly, we have observed that job descriptions alone may not accurately reflect the true essence of the work you would be undertaking within an organization.

For instance, a vacancy for an accountant or a finance manager may seem similar across different firms. However, we believe in delving deeper into your long-term career ambitions. By understanding your aspirations, we can identify suitable opportunities and explain why they align with your goals. Additionally, this approach enables us to have comprehensive discussions about what our client organizations are seeking in the long run, ensuring a better match between your skills and their future requirements.

Employer Branding refers to the strategic efforts made by a company to establish and promote its identity as an employer. It encompasses the communication and perception of the company’s values, culture, and working environment, both to existing and potential employees. While Employer Branding can indirectly impact customers’ perceptions, its primary emphasis is on attracting and engaging (future) employees.

By developing a strong Employer Brand, companies aim to differentiate themselves in the job market, attract top talent, and retain their current employees. It involves creating a positive and compelling employer image, highlighting the company’s unique attributes, career opportunities, and employee benefits. Through effective Employer Branding, companies can build a connection with individuals who align with their values, fostering a motivated and loyal workforce.

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Navon International specializes in Employer Branding and offering Finance Professionals for organizations. Our services encompass recruitment & selection, secondment, and secondment, focusing specifically on the fields of accounting, finance & control, and trust. 

With our expertise in these areas, we understand the unique requirements and demands of the finance industry. We strive to provide tailored solutions that align with our clients’ needs, whether they are seeking professionals for permanent positions, temporary assignments, or project-based work. Our thorough understanding of the finance sector allows us to effectively match candidates with the right skill sets and cultural fit to ensure a successful partnership between professionals and organizations.

At Navon International, we are committed to delivering exceptional service and helping our clients enhance their Employer Branding efforts while meeting their finance staffing needs.

If you have any inquiries about Employer Branding, Finance recruitment, or any other topics, please feel free to contact us. We are here to assist you.

Employer Branding:        ayu@navon-international.com
Finance Recruitment:     info@navon-international.com

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