Navon International is an expert in providing Finance Professionals at management, partner and board level.
Due to our knowledge that we have gathered in recent years, Navon has chosen to divide into three subcategories within Finance.

We have also created several subcategories within that. Our clients are organizations within Accountancy (Big4, but also the layers underneath), Trust offices, Listed organizations, Multinationals and SMEs.

The candidates we mediate are Finance Professionals with a completed HBO || university degree. Often supplemented with a title.
Think of RA || AA || RC || RB || RE.

"Operating a global business in a fast-changing world, you have to be grounded real-time in the external environment, have complete transparency, be fact-based and working with a great, collaborative team. "
Bob Shanks
CFO of Ford Motor Company

Working with Navon

Transparency and personal connection are paramount at Navon. The reason why we think this is important is because we are increasingly dealing with stricter laws and regulations. In addition, today’s Finance Professionals are strongly influenced by all the developments that have taken place in recent years. Think of the internet || digitization || automation || and now even the Corona virus which brings quite a lot of impact. It is important to sit down with you personally to see what you really need so that we can respond to all aspects.

We would like to find out what the mission and vision of the company is. But also how current developments are responding to this. It is also important to sample the culture within the organization. Then we will look together with you at the right profile for the position you wish to fill. Of course we will also immediately discuss the mediation costs so that you are not faced with surprises.

Thanks to our network and expertise, we are able to quickly provide you with suitable candidates. It goes without saying that you let us do the preparatory work. Think of a reference research, assessment when you need it, and the first personal conversations to check whether the candidate really meets the requirements. After this is done we will send you a number of profiles supplemented with our personal findings regarding the candidate. It is up to you whether you want to talk to them or not.


We will be close to you during this entire process. As a consultant we can think along with you where necessary and of course we will keep you constantly informed of the progress throughout the entire process. Even after you have found the right candidate, we will remain by your side. 2 months after the suitable candidate has started working for you, we will come by to evaluate the whole. Even if there is dissatisfaction, we expect you to be transparent with us. Especially since Navon values a long-term relationship.

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