Finance & Control


Navon International is an expert in providing Finance Professionals. We do this on the basis of recruitment & selection, secondment and secondment.

Because of our knowledge that we have gathered in recent years, Navon has chosen to create sub-disciplines within Finance & Accounting as well. For example, we focus on both multinationals and SME organisations. Here too we will distinguish ourselves per professional.

  • Listed organizations
  • Fortune 500
  • Financial Services (banks, insurers, pension funds, etc)
  • Real Estate || Construction
  • Non-profit organizations (care, foundations, museums, housing corporations, etc)
  • Fast-Moving Consumer Goods || FMCG
  • SME organisations
  • Others

The reason why we have chosen this is that we have to deal with so many laws and regulations. It is not feasible to suddenly place a candidate who only has experience with healthcare at a bank. It is a completely different position with a completely different expertise. We at Navon think it is important to map this well so that we can achieve the best result.


Positions in which we are specialists in mediation
(junior to senior):

  • Controller
  • Financial Controller
  • Business Controller
  • Project Controller
  • Financial Analyst
  • Finance Manager
  • Accountant / Bookkeeper
  • Consolidation specialist
  • Head of Accounting;
  • Internal Auditor
  • Manager Planning & Control
  • Finance Directors
  • CFOs

Why work with Navon

We at Navon do not believe in resumes or job postings. We believe in the vision and mission of a company and of a person. This is what sets Navon apart from most recruitment agencies.

Imagine.. You work at a fast-paced startup. And your goal is to acquire only similar organizations for the next five years. In the process, your job is to redesign your Finance Department. She should prepare for the takeovers. This means that everything you were previously familiar with will have to be completely changed. Of course you can write a vacancy and hope that you will receive the right candidates or that the right candidates will apply. But how can you convey the company’s objective in a vacancy? Where do you want to go? There will be as much happening within the company as in the position. Can you convey that in a piece of text?

The same goes for the candidates you are looking for. You may have become accustomed to hiring candidates who prioritize a stable base. With all the mergers and acquisitions that will come, this will no longer be the case. Suddenly you need completely new meat in the tub. Personalities that can adapt quickly. Know how to switch quickly. Be able to think creatively. These are all important factors that cannot be found in a CV.

This is exactly what Navon specializes in. We don’t just look at today. We look to the future together with you. And for Navon it is very simple. Employees are the company. There is no healthy company without the right employees. You not only need intelligence but also the right personality for the job. Let’s create a win-win situation where everyone is happy and can get the best out of themselves.

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