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Navon International specializes in delivering Finance Professionals through recruitment & selection, secondment, and secondment services.

Drawing from our extensive expertise, Navon International has developed specialized sub-disciplines within the field of Finance & Accounting. We cater to a diverse range of organizations, including multinationals, SMEs, listed companies, Fortune 500 companies, financial services firms, real estate and construction companies, non-profit organizations, fast-moving consumer goods companies, and more. Our tailored approach ensures that we can effectively meet the unique needs of each professional and organization in the finance sector.

Our decision to specialize in different sub-disciplines within Finance & Control is driven by the complex and regulated nature of the industry. Placing a candidate with experience in healthcare into a banking role, for example, would not be feasible due to the distinct expertise and requirements of each field. At Navon, we prioritize a thorough understanding of these nuances to deliver optimal outcomes for our clients. By carefully mapping the specific needs and skill sets required for each position, we can ensure the best possible results in matching candidates to suitable roles.


At Navon, we specialize in mediating professionals across various levels in the finance field. Some of the positions we excel in include:

– Controller (Junior to Senior)
– Financial Controller
– Business Controller
– Project Controller
– Financial Analyst
– Finance Manager
– Accountant / Bookkeeper
– Consolidation Specialist
– Head of Accounting
– Internal Auditor
– Manager Planning & Control
– Finance Directors
– CFOs

With our expertise and deep understanding of these roles, we are well-equipped to match talented individuals with the right opportunities in their respective finance careers.

Why work with Navon

At Navon, we believe in a unique approach to recruitment that goes beyond traditional resumes and job postings. We focus on understanding the vision and mission of both companies and individuals. This sets us apart from other recruitment agencies.

Let’s consider a case: Imagine you work for a fast-paced startup with a goal to acquire similar organizations over the next five years. As part of this process, you need to redesign your Finance Department to prepare for the takeovers. This means a complete transformation of the department. How can you effectively communicate this objective in a standard job posting? How can you capture the dynamic changes happening within the company and the position itself?

The same challenge applies when seeking candidates for these roles. The traditional approach of prioritizing stability may no longer be suitable. You need individuals who can adapt quickly, think creatively, and switch gears effortlessly. These qualities cannot be fully captured in a resume alone.

This is where Navon specializes. We look beyond the present and focus on the future alongside our clients. We understand that employees are the backbone of any successful company. It’s not just about intelligence; it’s about finding the right personalities who can thrive in the job. We aim to create win-win situations where everyone is happy and can unleash their full potential.

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