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Navon International specializes in offering exceptional Finance Professionals. Through our comprehensive services of recruitment & selection, secondment, and secondment, we cater to the diverse needs of our clients. Building upon the extensive knowledge we have acquired over the years, Navon has strategically chosen to create sub-disciplines within the Finance & Accounting field.

By recognizing the unique requirements and dynamics of different organizations, we have tailored our approach to cater to both multinational corporations and SMEs. We understand that each context calls for distinct expertise, and as such, we differentiate ourselves by assigning professionals who possess specialized skills and insights specific to each sector.

At Navon International, we are committed to providing unparalleled services that address the nuances of Finance & Accounting in various organizational settings. Our dedication to excellence and our ability to adapt to diverse professional contexts enable us to consistently deliver outstanding results.

– Listed organizations || Fortune 500;
– Financial Services (banks, insurers, pension funds, etc);
– Real Estate || Construction;
– Non-profit organizations (care, foundations, museums,
    housing corporations, etc);
– Fast-Moving Consumer Goods || FMCG;
– SME organisations;
– Others.

We have carefully chosen to establish these sub-disciplines within Finance & Accounting at Navon International due to the multitude of laws and regulations that govern this field. Placing a candidate with expertise solely in healthcare into a banking position, for instance, would not be viable. The roles and required competencies differ significantly between industries. Recognizing the importance of aligning expertise with the specific demands of each sector, we prioritize a thorough mapping process.


At Navon, we understand the significance of accurately assessing and matching candidates’ skills and experiences to the unique requirements of each position. By conducting a meticulous evaluation of candidates’ expertise and considering the relevant laws and regulations, we ensure the best possible outcomes. Our commitment to comprehensive profiling enables us to provide tailored solutions that lead to successful placements and optimal results for both clients and candidates.

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."
Henry Ford
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Working with Navon

At Navon International, we place a strong emphasis on personalizing the recruitment process to align seamlessly with your company’s needs. We firmly believe that Employer Branding goes beyond finding the best match for a job description; it involves finding an applicant who not only fits well within your corporate culture but also shares your company’s beliefs and values. This approach enhances employee engagement and motivation, leading to a higher quality of candidates. By prioritizing this personalized approach, we help reduce long-term recruitment costs and shorten the time required to find suitable candidates. Throughout the years, we have cultivated an extensive network and established valuable partnerships. Our commitment to quality is the driving force behind our ability to connect with the right parties, ensuring that we can best support our clients and candidates in fulfilling their personnel or employment needs. Through thorough candidate and client engagement, we swiftly identify the perfect match, drawing upon the unique stories and experiences that shape individuals and organizations. We firmly believe that people are at the core of every successful placement, and by placing them central to our approach, we create the ideal match that propels growth and success.

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