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At Navon International, we consciously choose not to put the vacancies that we have open at various clients on the website. This is partly due to a duty of confidentiality about the true nature of certain vacancies, but also because we often see that vacancies can paint a wrong picture of the actual work that you will perform at an organization.

For example, a vacancy at an accountancy firm is basically the same for every accountancy firm. Also a vacancy as controller or Finance Manager. We prefer to talk to you about your ambitions for the longer term. After this, we can come up with suitable vacancies and explain why they would be good since we can also immediately discuss what the company is looking for in the longer term.

Employer Branding is the branding of your company as an employer. It’s directed towards
your future and current employees. Employer Branding also helps customers connect with your brand. The focus, however, will be on the (future) employees.

For more info go to https://www.navon-international.com/employer-branding/

Navon International is an expert in Employer Branding and providing Finance Professionals.

We provide Finance Professionals based on recruitment & selection, secondment, and secondment. We have made a distinction between accounting, finance & control, and trust.

Do you have any questions about Employer Branding, Finance recruitment, or anything else? Feel free to contact us!

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