Navon International is a specialist in Finance jobs. We do not work B2B, but B4B. This means that we do not work on the basis of experience alone, but are more interested in the person behind the CV.

Where do you want to go? What do you need for that? We help you achieve your career goal and offer you all the tools you need to do so in the form of coaching, sparring partners and (networking) drinks. We prepare you for the next step in your career and introduce you to clients from our network within the financial industry. In addition, we work with three different types of variants.

With a permanent contract, you immediately start working for the client. You will be offered a contract and you will continue your career there internally. With a detavast construction, Navon will hire you. Through Navon you will work at various organizations on a project basis.
That way you can taste the difference between the different companies and see from there where you really want to make a career.

Of course, when you have found the right organization, we will give you the freedom to stay with the company.
In the case of secondment, we help the self-employed to find a new assignment.

“ Work to become, not to acquire.”

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