Navon International is an expert in providing Finance Professionals. We do this on the basis of recruitment & selection, secondment and secondment. Because of our knowledge that we have gathered in recent years, Navon has chosen to create sub-disciplines within Finance & Accounting as well. For example, we focus on both multinationals and SME organisations. Here too we will distinguish ourselves per professional.

– Listed organizations || Fortune 500;
– Financial Services (banks, insurers, pension funds, etc);
– Real Estate || Construction;
– Non-profit organizations (care, foundations, museums,
    housing corporations, etc);
– Fast-Moving Consumer Goods || FMCG;
– SME organisations;
– Others.

The reason why we have chosen this is that we have to deal with so many laws and regulations. It is not feasible to suddenly place a candidate who only has experience with healthcare at a bank. It is a completely different position with a completely different expertise. We at Navon think it is important to map this out well so that we can achieve the best result.

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."
Henry Ford
UI / UX Designer

Working with Navon

Our priority is that we believe in making the process personal in relation to your company. We are convinced that by making use of Employer Branding we do not only seek the best match for the job description, but also the finest match in an applicant whom fits well within the corporate culture, but also fits within the believes and values of your company. This will increase the involvement and motivation of employees. The candidate will be of higher quality. Because of this, long-term recruitment costs will be reduced and your companies recruitment time shortened.

Over the years we have built up a large network and have also found good cooperation partners. This is because Navon stands for quality. And how can you better guarantee quality than finding the right parties for this? That is why we can best assist our clients and candidates with their demand for personnel or work. By getting to know our candidates and clients well, we can quickly switch and see who exactly belongs where. We look at the story behind it to create the right match. Ultimately, people are central.

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