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About Navon

Navon International excels in the realms of Employer Branding and providing Finance Professionals. Our expertise encompasses recruitment & selection, secondment, and mediation of finance professionals for organizations, accountants, and trust offices.

Over the years, we have diligently cultivated a vast network and established fruitful collaborations. This is a testament to Navon’s unwavering commitment to delivering quality. We firmly believe that the key to ensuring quality lies in finding the right partners. By diligently selecting and collaborating with the most suitable parties, we are best equipped to meet the staffing needs of our valued clients and candidates.

At Navon, we prioritize personalized dedication. Through a thorough understanding of our candidates and clients, we swiftly adapt to their requirements and discern the perfect fit. We go beyond merely evaluating CVs or vacancies, delving into the underlying narratives to create meaningful connections. Ultimately, our focus remains on the people at the heart of it all. It is this very principle that has led many of our past candidates to become esteemed clients.

“Together, we forge strength in our collaborative endeavors, shaping a future of success.”

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