The strength of Employer Branding

The strength of Employer Branding

These days it is the candidates that choose their employer. Not the other way around. This used to be different. Employers whom used to hire candidates could literally choose the best out of many applicants. Now they are relieved if there is just one good applicant for the job at all.

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However… Did you know:
– That three out of the five people are actually considering a job change?;
– That one out of four people are considering a whole career change?;
– That a higher salary, isn’t the main reason for people to change jobs at all?;

Than why exactly are those talented candidates looking around? It is really simple… Culture!

The world is moving fast, and so are we. Where one thing used to be so important, it all of a sudden isn’t. Perhaps you used to be eager and ambitious. Working really hard to get to the top. And all of a sudden you realize that there are more important things in life. Things like life.. real life. Precious time, family, friends. And you know what? All the hard work that you’ve done in the past, don’t seem so important anymore. This is where people start looking around for a new employer. Someone whom can give them the work-life balance they so desperately need. On the other hand perhaps it’s the other way around. Maybe you’re not being challenged enough at the company you work for now. Or maybe you’re a stay-at-home mom, whom used to work part-time (or not at all) because of her children. And now you’re deciding to follow up on your dreams. Becoming a career woman. She will have missed so much in the past that she is now looking for a company whom can make her dreams come true.

The truth is.. There are many reasons why employees are considering a job change. And that’s where Employer Branding gets so important. Which is why a positive employer image is essential in the “hunt” for good talent. Those whom are capable of setting themselves apart from their competitors have a better chance of finding. It is not just branding for customer these days, but also for current as potential employees.

And yes.. Employer Branding costs money.

Did you know that:
– 81% of all applicants tell their friends about positive experiences in their application process?;
–  A strong Employer Brand can reduce the average cost “per hire” by 43%?;
–  69% of active jobseekers indicate that they prefer to apply for a job with an organization that actively propagates the Employer Brand?;
– A strong employer brand increases the engagement of current employees and reduces employee turnover by up to 28%?

Bottom line:
– Give your employees a voice;
– Invest in growth for your company;
– Create the best atmosphere you can possibly imagine for your employees,

Cause you know what? Having a company where people don’t want to walk away from… Is priceless. And your brand is determined by what your people say and do.

Now my question to you. What is the strength of your employer branding? What makes you, YOU?

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