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At Navon International, we pride ourselves on being the foremost authority in the field of Employer Branding and specializing in the provision of top-tier Finance Professionals. Our extensive expertise and track record in these domains position us as the go-to partner for organizations seeking to optimize their employer reputation while accessing exceptional financial talent. With Navon International, you can trust that you are partnering with a recognized leader dedicated to delivering unparalleled results in Employer Branding and Finance Professional recruitment.


Our Method

At Navon International, we firmly believe that people are the cornerstone of success. For this reason, we prioritize a personalized approach throughout our processes. By truly understanding the unique needs and aspirations of our clients and candidates, we can tailor our services to create meaningful connections and foster mutually beneficial relationships. We recognize the importance of human touch and strive to ensure that every interaction and engagement reflects our commitment to putting people first. With Navon International, you can expect a genuinely personalized experience that unlocks the potential for exceptional outcomes.


What sets Navon apart in the realm of Employer Branding is our comprehensive analysis, addressing both current and potential future gaps within your company. Our approach encompasses a professional, all-encompassing package that is designed to withstand the test of time. By prioritizing a personalized approach, we are confident in delivering optimal outcomes tailored specifically to your organization’s needs.


Navon epitomizes excellence. Through an in-depth understanding of our clients, we craft the ideal strategy by aligning their desires, envisioning the perfect employee through their lens, and recognizing the aspirations of their current workforce. This enables us to meet our clients’ demands and fulfill their needs effectively within the realm of Employer Branding. By delving into the narrative that underlies each company, we curate a customized Employer Branding strategy that resonates authentically. Ultimately, we recognize that people are the fundamental key to success.


As you embark on implementing your active Employer Brand, a remarkable transformation occurs within your employees—they develop a stronger sense of connection to your company. This heightened connection leads to increased productivity and a reduction in absenteeism, resulting in fewer sick days. Moreover, your employees become enthusiastic ambassadors of your brand, actively promoting it among their personal networks both online and offline. Their genuine admiration for their employer sparks conversations about the remarkable experiences they have, further amplifying the positive reputation of your brand.

Our Team

Ayu (Bouts) Rollman

Managing Partner

Patrick Rollman


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